Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why do we care about the magic number?

So, there's a reason we're excited about surpassing the 2,000 member milestone at the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, but it has nothing to do with being the biggest chamber in Arkansas.  That's definitely interesting, but it isn't what matters.

We care because it means that we work on behalf of 2,040 member businesses representing 4,037 individuals doing business in Northwest Arkansas.  It means that business is good in our community, and growing better by the minute.  It means the number of potential connections and prospective customers our member businesses may capitalize upon is virtually unlimited.  It means our capacity to effectively serve and monitor the pulse of the business community is enhanced.  And, we care because representing more than 2,000 businesses carries remarkable impact as we advocate issues on behalf of the Northwest Arkansas Business community at the Arkansas State Capitol, in Washington D.C. and throughout the region.

A dynamic, growing membership base is also an excellent indicator of the growth and strength of the local business community.  This may be the most exciting part.  While we love seeing positive signs of economic recovery at the national level (Associated Press: 90% of economists expect the recession to end this year:; Bloomberg: consumer confidence jumps by most in six years: as well as the local level (Arkansas Business: consumer confidence soars:, a steady flow of new businesses and new members is an excellent, practical measure of the state of the local economy.

So, to our member businesses, thank you!  More members = more connections and business opportunities for you, and more ways for us to serve you and help you thrive.  No matter what the numbers say, that's what we're here to do every single day.  Thank you for your support and your continued membership!

Here's a link to some press coverage of the milestone:

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